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Crystal Chandeliers - Exquisite Lighting For Any Home

Crystal chandeliers are simply exquisite. They are a great investment and can dress up any room.

What Are They?

These lighting options have been around for quite some time. They usually have several arms that hold light fixtures. There is crystal pendants that hang throughout the light and there made be some beads as well. The light from the light fixtures is reflected off the beads and pendants and "dances" throughout the room leaving little rainbows everywhere.


There are plenty of size options and design options. There are very large models that will hang high up in grand foyers and entrance ways; these can be hung from a hydraulic system that can be moved up and down for cleaning and to change the light bulbs.

There are plenty of design options that are available from the very traditional to the very modern. Most of the true crystal chandeliers are in the traditional design.


The cost varies greatly and can almost be prohibitive. There are some less expensive options but usually the less expensive options may not be made from the best crystal. True leaded crystal models are pretty expensive and can literally climb into the tens of thousands.

A great model that is produced with leaded crystal can be had for a few hundred dollars.


Traditionally this type of lighting was used in formal dining rooms, entrance ways, great halls and foyers. Today they can be found in any room of the home. They are used even in bathrooms, although it seems a shame to sequester such a magnificent lighting piece into a bathroom where not many will get to enjoy it.

These dazzling icons of home décor can be used to light up a formal dining room like no other fixture. They add a certain regal air to a room. For the absolute best effect in a dining room they should be mounted at around thirty inches above the table, if they are especially elaborate they should be mounted much closer to the ceiling than to the table.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to take the width and the height of the room multiple it to get the squared footage and whatever number you come up with that should be the circumference of the crystal chandelier in inches. So if the number is 120 feet than the chandelier should be 120 inches.



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