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Wholesale Beads - Limitless Possibilities

Transform your world with wholesale beads. With them you'll unearth a world of possibilities that is limited only by your ingenuity. Add a unique sense of style to everything from shoes to jackets. Below you'll find some quick tips and ideas that will have you beading like a pro in no time.


Glass beads come in several different colors and designs. You can also find turquoise and pearl beads each in a plethora of sizes, shapes and pendants. It's best to purchase them at wholesale for a discounted price and a larger quantity to experiment with. Once you've figured out the kind of beads and colors you want, the fun can begin. Necklaces can be made to include any pattern imaginable. Put together a wild assortment of swirled glass bead to make a bright choker. Don't want to make a necklace, try assembling a bracelet or anklet. With the variety of beads you've bought, a hundred different styles of jewelry can be made. You'll have an accessory for any occasion, for any outfit. Diagrams can be found online to help you make the more complicated pieces. Practice and diligence will help you find a unique style that won't be replicable in any store. If you follow these jewelry tips, your fashionability will never be stale.

Youth Groups

Volunteering with a youth group is a wonderful way to spend your and concurrently give back to the community. Arts and crafts are always an activity that goes over well. Wholesale beads are an inexpensive way to boost the kids's artistic confidence.  They can make key chains to give their parents as gifts; remember, Father's day is coming up. Another good idea is making animals, like lizards or elephants, out of beads. Instructions can be found online with a quick Google search. This will help grow the kids's imagination without costing the youth organization a hefty sum. A myriad of beads, both in type and color, will ensure none of the kids have similar designs. These activities are guaranteed to result in a good time that simultaneously produces art the kids will be proud of.

Beaded Life

Wholesale beads work great for sprucing up a jacket. Hang the beads from fringe or glue them to lapels. Take a tip from the youth group section, make a beaded animal and attach it to the back of a jean jacket or backpack. Are your shoe laces coming undone? Fix a few beads at the end of them and they're good as new. If you're feeling adventurous make a landscape using different beads. With the right perspective and sequence of beads, you can make a beautiful sunset. At the right angle it will look three dimensional. Using wholesale beads will affect the aesthetic of your entire life. The art you create will enhance your attitude and worldly perception.

Tap into your creative vein with wholesale beads.  You'll be taking a unique stance on fashion with your personally crafted jewelry or clothing. Wholesale beads are a great way to begin working with arts and crafts. There's no telling where your beaded designs will take you. Working with beads of any style and shape will help you discover your inner artist.



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