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Imitation Jewelery - Choice of the Modern Generation

If you believe that imitation jewelery is the latest fad of the modern generation then think again. Ancient civilizations have included one form of imitation adornments or the other as part of their attire since the earliest times.

Ancient Egyptians made jewelery from naturally occurring products like shells, beads, stones, and even bones. Though genuine ornamentation incorporated precious metals like gold, bronze, and silver were extremely fashionable, semi precious stones like turquoise, agate, quartz, and lapis lazuli were also popular choices.

Other ancient civilizations like the Greeks and the Romans also wore trinkets fashioned from a variety of materials like glass beads, rock crystal, jasper, agate, topaz, ivory, bone, and of other materials. Stone and steatite was also a favorite embellishment material for in the ancient Harappa and Indus valley civilizations besides gold and silver. Ivory, bones, and various precious as well as semi precious stones were also used in ornaments at that time. Terracotta ornaments were also very popular during this period.

Fast forward to the modern times, cast a casual look around and you will find that that imitation ornamentation is more popular than ever before. You surely might have gone shopping around for authentic jewelery and the costs might have put you off. Designer stuff can be expensive as well, so imitation accessories are a perfect choice for people who are looking for an inexpensive buy but want to look fashion conscious all at once.

Also called as fashion or junk jewelery due to its inexpensive nature, these are usually made from less expensive stuff like glass, semi precious or imitation stones, and inexpensive metals such as white metal, copper, aluminum, and bronze. Stainless steel is also emerging as a great option presently.

For those who relish the regal look of diamonds, but are unable to afford authentic diamond stuff, imitation alternatives such as faux diamond accessories provide an appropriate alternative. Besides, there is always the added worry of keeping them secure in case they are stolen. With faux diamond and imitation accessories, you can rest assured about such fears.

Moissanite is a perfect choice for imitation diamond accessories. Other favorite alternatives include cubic zirconium, rhinestones and cut glass. Present day technology makes imitation accessories resemble so closely to genuine material that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference without expert help.

For women who want to look fabulous and extraordinary without draining their bank accounts, imitation trinkets give them a perfect way to accessorize and grab all the attention. The main goal is to look great rather than accentuating more on the price tag of the ornamental piece. Many a times, imitation accessories looks all the more dashing when set in precious or polished gold or silver metal. Such items usually place more importance on style and elegance rather than the precious nature of the materials used.

Imitation bangles, bracelets, brooches, earrings, anklets, chokers, necklaces, bangles are a hot favorite amongst the modern generation of today. Since they are quite inexpensive, they frequently come in flashy designs and extra bright lustre to offset the cost factor. Since these are quite inexpensive, today's fashion conscious generation prefers to add a variety of imitation adornments to their collection. Lac jewelery is also popular with the younger generation. Popular Lac accessories include Lac necklaces, Lac bangles, lack pendants and Lac earrings.


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