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A Guide to Faceted Glass Beads

Amateur jewelry makers who are looking to add a little bit of sparkle to their jewelry may be interested in buying faceted glass beads. These beads are twinkly yet not overly garish, and they are inexpensive yet they do not look tacky. If you want to use a type of bead which glitters in the light and is very eye-catching, then these are one of the best and most cost effective alternatives to having to buy real diamonds. Here are some fascinating facts about faceted glass beads or globules so that you can make up your mind as to whether you want to buy them for your homemade jewelry or not.

Faceted glass beads are a type of bead which is made out of specially cut and polished glass, with a hole through the middle to allow them to be threaded onto a cord, chain or piece of jewelry wire. Makers of faceted glass globules usually cut the beads into angular shapes, and then use a special tool to cut extra facets into them. The globules may be then placed back into a jewelry kiln to help to soften the edges and give a more rounded appearance. This technique is known as fire-polishing. The ways in which these beads are cut help the glass to catch and reflect light in such a way that they look spectacular when they are made into jewelry items. In many cases, high quality faceted glass beads can look as sparkling as real diamonds.

There are lots of different types of faceted glass beads available, but some of the most popular ones are produced in the Czech Republic. For this reason, faceted glass beads are sometimes known as Czech glass beads. This type of bead has been made in the Czech Republic since as early as the 14th Century, centering on an area known as Jablonec nad Nisou. Although production of these globules was practically stopped in Jablonec nad Nisou during the Cold War period, the knowledge and craftsmanship about how to make them was able to survive during this time, and production has now been restarted.

Swarovski crystals (which also originate in Central Europe) are another form of faceted glass. The company began producing faceted glass items in the late 19th century, including sculptures and home decor pieces, as well as pendants and items which can be used in jewelry making.

Faceted glass beads or globules are available in lots of different shapes, sizes and colors so it is possible to find beads to suit all tastes and styles of jewelry, giving jewelry makers a high degree of flexibility in their work. Sizes range from as tiny as 3mm up to beads which are over 1cm in diameter! Buyers can choose between regular round beads or teardrop shaped ones, or many other shapes. The best craftspeople are even able to create glass globules shaped like snowflakes. When you are buying beads, you can choose to get individual globules, packs of identical globules, or packs which are a mixture of lots of different ones.



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