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History and Properties of Fluorite Gemstones

Fluorite beads, also called fluorspar are multi coloured and usually available in the shades of green, white, purple and lavender. Other than in the jewellery industry, Fluorite is also employed in the making of steel and other metals that need impurities to be removed from them. In the age-old days, people of Egypt used this gemstone in statues, and in carving scarabs. Also, in ancient China, fluorite was employed in the carvings for more than 300 years.

Fluorite is used an alternative to glass in the making of high performance telescopes and camera lenses. The reason is its property of low dispersion that makes light diffraction less than that of the ordinary glass. It also enables sharp imaging of astronomical objects even at very high power.

The name "Fluorite" is derived from the Latin word "fleure," meaning "to flow." This type of gemstone beads are said to be the most colourful mineral in the world. Also, the word "fluorescent" got the name from Fluorite, as it usually fluoresces blue and sometimes it glows yellow, green, red, white or purple colours. Fluorites are largely available in Brazil, Canada, China, Norway, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Russia, U.S.A., England and Switzerland.

As the stone is connected to the Third Eye or Brown Chakra, it is believed that wearing fluorite improves ones concentration power and guides him in making winning decisions. So, it is often used as a mediation stone. The gemstone also reveals the truth behind illusion. It can help you greatly in your spiritual growth, as it brings harmony, peace and divine feelings into ones life. Another interesting property of this mineral is that it makes you highly receptive to the positive vibrations of other gemstones.

Fluorite's healing properties include treatment of bones, teeth and cell structure. If you wear an ornament made of fluorite, you hardly get any infections or illnesses. Other adorable properties of Fluorite include stress reduction, improving self confidence, stabilizing energy and boosting up the spirits, improve clarity of thoughts and helps in leading a harmonious life. These colourful gemstones are also known to prevent as well as repair RNA and DNA damage.

Fluorite is a balancing and healing stone. It has exceptionally wonderful properties that help you for a better living and allow you to have a positive influence on your loved ones' life also.

Fluorite can be used for necklace and earrings. Due to fragility avoid using this gemstone in bracelet and anklets. May be the reason fluorite was never been used extensively in jewelry. Even with this negativity fluorite became popular with some jewelers due to its vibrant colors and beautiful looks.

You can try out its miraculous power by getting a beautiful ornamental piece made out of Fluorite beads to your near and dear by combining with harder material such as silver and other metals. Fluorite also can be perfect for pendants. Even with all the negative factors this gemstone continue to amaze with beauty and healing power for centuries.


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