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Natural Gemstone Beads: Traditional and Trendy

The world of gemstones is far beyond our imaginations. It is as colorful and vibrant as the rainbow after a heavy rainfall. From inorganic stones like diamonds and rubies to organic pearls and amber, there is something special in this world for each of us. These gemstones have been cherished by generations for their mystical attributes. They were used by civilizations as decoratives, ornaments and talismans.

Gemstones have always been surrounded with lore and legends. They were the inseparable part of many civilizations. Ancient Egyptians were famous for their jewelry and adornments. They used to wear a lot of jewelry that includes carved gold ornaments and gemstone beads.

The Persians, Assyrians, Greeks and Hittites were also fond of gemstone beads. In fact, some stones were strictly reserved only for the royals. Amethyst, for example, is known as the royal stone of Russia. The intense purple of amethyst was associated with the aristocracy. Similarly, rubies were the prized gems of the British royal family. The coronation rings of English monarchs were studded with rubies. And it was sapphire that holds the title of 'king of gems' for it was believed to bestow wisdom, power, beauty and strength to the wearer.

From their hidden powers to their vibrant color and breathtaking beauty, gemstones have always given us a reason to love them. They add words to a romantic proposal, make an unforgettable birthday or anniversary present, create memories and heirlooms, and they set trends that we madly enjoys.

And as the trend speaks they are a big hit in the form of beaded jewelry.

Natural gemstone beads are beautiful and intriguing. With multiple shapes and hues, they give an array of choices to the trend lovers. Here are few upcoming trends you can enjoy with brilliant beaded jewelry.

Splash of colors: Emerald, as per Pantone, is the color of the year. That means you can enjoy a lot of green this year. A multi-strand strand emerald necklace is really an exciting choice to pamper yourself this year. Along with green, violet, lemon yellow, Monaco blue, and poppy red are other dominant hues for the year. This pastel pack can best be enjoyed with flamboyant shaded bead jewelry.

Tribal essence: The ancient tribal patterns are a new hit this season. Therefore, it's a wise option to pick lots of beaded jewelry to indulge into the orient fashion. You can club multiple necklaces of varying lengths or beaded multi-colored bracelets. A pair of cat's eye studs with emerald tassels is another rocking way to enjoy the season's best of glamour.

Diamonds and Monochromes: the retro black and white trend can be seen everywhere. From dresses, bags and shoes to make-up and jewelry, monochromes are ruling the fashion industry. A pair of diamond ball drops with a matching ring or a bracelet is a pretty brilliant way to light up a little black dress. Onyx is another ravishing to opt for.



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