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Learn to Make Hand Made Jewelry For Fun and Profit

Are you looking for a new hobby or a new career? Have you considered learning how to make hand made beaded jewelry for fun and profit?

In today's economy people are looking at their untapped skills and talents and considering a new career with other types of companies or are considering self employment. Jewelry beading can be done as a home base business, subcontracted, or done in a shop. As a hobby it's mobile; bead anywhere you want to.

I have been making my own unique beaded jewelry to adorn casual and evening wear. I enjoy designing one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. And a surprising result which I did not expect was to turn a hobby into a profession. Making beaded jewelry sets satisfies my hobby interest as well as preparing for a new profession.

Making unique beaded jewelry opens your creativity allowing for self exploration.

Quiet time allows for relaxation and your mind is able to cleanse itself of unnecessary clutter freeing you to think constructively. While you are learning a new beading craft, the beauty of the beads and the finished jewelry pieces rewards you with a feeling of pride and self accomplishment in a job well done.

Beaded jewelry can be seen at arts and crafts shows, department stores, specialty shops, discount stores, jewelry stores, jewelry boutiques, and even museums.

Fashion models, celebrities, and the general population wear many different designs of beaded necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, anklets, pins, and rings. Styles are pop, traditional, original, ethnic, antique or vintage, funky, and medical.

See your own self stringing a beaded necklace, beaded bracelet, and weaving beaded earrings. What a wonderful gift it is to make a pair of birthstone earrings for that special person in your life, or to make a classical pearl necklace for yourself.

What types of beads are used in beaded jewelry designs?

Commercial or man made beads would include crystallized or glass beads, acrylic or plastic beads, pearls, resin, fabric, polymer clay, and artificial mother of pearl.

Commercial imitations of metals include sterling silver and plated gold.

Nature supplies us with wood, bone, teeth, plant seeds and tree nuts, stone, crystal, coral, and seashells.

Nature's most expensive gifts would be gems of diamonds, sapphire, rubies, and emeralds. To these precious gems let's add gold and platinum.

Imagine the beaded jewelry designer within you making a custom beaded necklace, or bracelet of beaded silver beads with turquoise stones, capped with sterling silver accents. Or a beaded crystal jewelry piece or a heart shaped pendant?

Everyone learns in a different way.

I started with magazines and books. I had trouble understanding the written directions and correctly visualizing the patterns. The mistakes included using the wrong cording, incorrect beads, wrong needles, poor choice of closures, and wrong jewelry tools. Unfortunately, misunderstanding the patterns created terrible costly errors.

It was time to get help.

I thought about going to classes, but time, travel, and money were problems. The experiences I have had with taking craft classes is that you understand what you are doing in the the classroom, but when you go home and start to work on your project that evening or the following day, you discover that you forgot half of what you learned.

Note taking is limited because your attention is on the instructor. If the class is very large you lack individual attention. And if you decide to ask a question you feel like you're holding  other classmates behind.

Extremely important, jewelry working is done within the confines of your hands. It needs to be magnified to truly see what is being done.

The quickest way to learn how to make hand made jewelry for fun and profit is using visual aids. Tap into videos on your computer through the magic of the internet and get started.


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