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How to Care for Gold CBRs and Belly Barbells

Do you have body piercing? Do you enjoy wearing different stylish piercing rings and barbells? Are you fond of gold piercing jewelry? Then you have already faced the problem of CBR loss. If you are lucky not to lose your piercing jewelry and its parts, it would be just useful to get some information about it if some day you'll run into such problem.

Most piercing barbells and captive bead rings are pretty secure but there is always a possibility to lose them. If you make sure your barbells are holding tight every few weeks, it will help to prevent their loss. And it takes little time and almost no effort to check that the bead of your CBR is held in place. But if it has happened and your CBR ball is lost, there are no reasons to panic. Even if your piercing is new and you are afraid that it can close up. It won't. Just don't remove the jewelry and everything will be all right. That's why it's wise to have a cbr replacement ball always at hand or just have another sterile and high quality piercing jewelry to wear until you get a new ball for your barbell or CBR.

Of course I speak about gold piercing jewelry because it's a pity to loose and have to buy a new gold ring if you can just replace the bead. And that's why piercing jewelry shops that care about your comfort offer you special products- gold replacement balls. 14k gold hollow navel ring loose balls and 14k solid gold CBR replacement balls are available.

There is always chance to save all your piercing jewelry in its best outlook and avoid its loss. We have already discussed the easiest methods to prevent the loss of the ball. Let's discuss how we can care for gold piercing jewelry and clean it. We know that gold doesn't tarnish but still it can be dulled or dirtied by body lotions, makeup, oil in the skin and other substances. To clean it you just mix warm water with a squeeze of mild dish detergent in a bowl. Then you put your gold ring or barbell into the mixture for a few minutes. After that you gently scrub your jewelry with a soft toothbrush and rinse it. Use a soft polishing cloth to dry it thoroughly. Always check your piercing jewelry to avoid the loss of its parts during cleaning. It's recommended to store gold belly rings and other jewelry separately. Such storage in soft boxes or cloth bags will help to reduce scratches.

If you experience great discomfort just thinking about belly ring loose ball or other jewelry replacement parts, you may avoid all these problems if you choose Tummytoys rings. TummyToys belly rings have no separate parts, they are easy to wear and take off.

If you need to get replacement ball, I will recommend you this collection of pearl and 14k gold replacement balls. Enjoy wearing your piercing jewelry and make sure it's of best quality.


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