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About Stainless Steel Jewelry

Due to its bright, resistance to tarnish, and silver finish nature, stainless steel jewelry is one of the most popular jewelries. The reason why the jewelry is stainless is because the metal used in making it is an alloy of carbon, iron, and many other metals which make it highly resistant to rust.

Due to passivation, steel is less reactive with the environment thus prevents oxidation from taking place.

Types of stainless steel jewelry

Piercings: these are characterized by low nickel percentages and they are able to tolerate low-oxygen environments. Although, there are many steel piercings, not all are ideal for long wear.

Piercing experts recommend that you should go for piercings made from 326LVM steel if you have new piercings that are more susceptible to infection or irritation. The reason why you should go for 326LVM steel is because the metal tends to have a smoother surface.

If you are insensitive to nickel or your piercings have healed, you should go for piercings with a steel body. The good side with this jewelry is that it has a hard surface thus it doesn't scratch the body surface or create room for growth of pathogens.

Rings and chains: here stainless steel is anodized to produce chains and rings of different colors. Since it's strong, chains and rings made from it are usually strong and retain their shape despite high stress environments of tear and wear.

In addition to coming in different colors, the jewelry also comes in different designs. Popular designs include: hearts, ID bracelets, and military-style dog tags.

They also come in different sizes in order to cater for people of different sizes.

Men's jewelry: due to the low cost and high strength of stainless steel, it's possible to make men jewelry which usually comes in larger and bulkier styles.

Factors to consider when buying the jewelry

For you to buy a high quality product, you need to put a number of considerations in place. One of the things you need to look out for is the clasps and jump rings.

To be on the safe side you should go for products with clasps and jump rings that are properly working. As rule of thumb you should avoid jewelry with visible breaks or weak points.

When it comes to wedding bands, you should go for bands with a smooth and slightly domed rim. You should also ensure that the jewelry does not have any points, burrs, or rough edges.

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