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An Introduction To Wholesale Body Jewelry

The term wholesale implies the selling of a good in bulk or large quantity. Wholesale body jewelry is the concept of selling jewelry in large quantities, say in dozens rather than as a single piece, to the retail market and in turn sold to customers. Buying jewelry in wholesale is the smartest way to make money. Wholesale body jewelry suppliers sell jewelry in bulk and at comparatively low prices. So people find it a great way to start saving money.

Wholesale body jewelry can be found in various metals and designs to suit your style and pocket. The wholesale body jewelry available with dealers includes belly rings, bent barbells with colored barbells, labret studs, captive bead rings, tongue rings, naval ornaments, nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc. While buying body jewelry in wholesale, it becomes imperative to check the credentials and credibility of the dealer, especially in regard to the genuineness of the jewelry.

The benefits of buying jewelry in wholesale are that as a retailer you will have a chance to sell your jewelry to the consumers at a reasonable profit. Another big advantage is that since the wholesale dealers purchase jewelry directly from the manufacturers themselves, so you can be assured of getting the latest designs that you can in turn sell to your clients at reasonable margins.


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How to Get Started in an Online Community for Kids Fashion

When searching the internet for kids fashion forums or blogs, one gets bombarded with incomplete articles and lots of sales pitches. I therefore decided to put together a small

guide about how to get started in the online community for kids fashion. This way you can start being an active member instead of just a passive reader. This guide is written in

a general way because I don't want to promote any specific blog or forum. We all have different views so it's best if you find an online community by yourself. Basically, your

goal is to find online platforms that are committed to the kids fashion scene. Online portals could be forums, blogs, twitter accounts, Facebook groups/pages or other active

websites. So the first question is: how do you find such an online portal?

Like most internet users, you'd probably do a Google search to find an online portal. When doing so with keywords like "kids clothes blog" or "kids fashion forum", you'll see

that there are no results on Google that could content you. There are a couple forums, but most of them haven't seen a new thread in months (sometimes even years) or are spammed

by sales offers with no real content. Therefore, I suggest you first get yourself a Google Alert and Google Reader account. Use these tools to be informed automatically about

topics related to specific keywords of your interest. What you want to do is enter keywords like "kids designer clothes" or "children designer wear" into your alert and Google

Reader will then display all content that is being published related to these keywords. You should also use specific brand names that you are interested in like "Gant Kids" for

example. Keep reading your Google Reader results on a regular basis and you will eventually find active online communities. Next you can browse Facebook for groups and pages. I

am sure you are going to find one or two groups/pages there that you will like. Maybe not at first but if you keep searching and stay active you'll find them eventually. The

kids fashion Facebook pages and groups usually don't have a huge community, yet. But this has its advantages, too: for example it will be easier to get to know all the members.

And lastly, you can still keep using search engines like Google, Yahoo Search etc. on a regular basis. Make sure you also visit some of the result pages further back because you

might find a good article or forum post that will lead you to another good online portal.

Once you found an online portal that you like, you need to commit to that website. In most cases, this means you will have to register as a user. I won't go into the technical

details of how to join an online community, because usually this is well explained on the specific website itself. Just look for a "Sign up" or "Register" button somewhere on

the page and follow the instructions. If you are not used to this procedure, take your time and read everything carefully. In most cases, once you have completed the

registration process, you are going to have your own account to use the specific website.
Nevertheless, having an account doesn't automatically make you an accepted member of an online community. The best way to start is by providing as much information about

yourself as you feel comfortable with. This is important because once you start writing online with other members, they are going to visit your profile to find out who you are.

The more information they can get about you, the more "real" you become to them. Hence, you become more of a human being instead of an anonymous writer. This way you are going

to be accepted much faster to an online community. To do so, look for something called "Profile" or "About Me" and fill out as much information about yourself as you can - and

as you feel comfortable with of course. As a next step, I'd suggest you present yourself to the community by writing a short post about yourself. Usually, there is a designated

section where people can present themselves. Make use of that! Next step would be reading what others are writing and posting a constructive answer or opinion on that topic.

Once you got a feeling for the community and its members you can start to lead your own discussions.

Just in case you are absolutely new to online communities, I want to give you some important ground rules before you start posting your own comments. First of all, you should

always be kind and helpful. Don't insult anyone - even if they insulted you. Always remember that you joined the community to talk about kids clothes - a topic that you are

passionate about - and not to argue with others on a personal level. With this said, it's also important that you always stick to the topic. Other members can get annoyed if you

start contributing to a discussion with answers that have nothing to do with the topic that is being discussed. If you want to talk about something else, start a new discussion.

And lastly, always respect other members' views and don't feel offended if others have a different opinion.

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Where to Find Wholesale Beads to Augment Your Supply Needs

If you are willing to go far and wide in making your bead accessory business a success, you have to know where to find wholesale beads aside form your present source. Bead accessory -making trends in designs and materials are periodically changing so you must be updated to the latest trends and new and innovative materials come and go. So its always an advantage if you have in your disposal several reliable wholesale beads suppliers to provide you with the right kind of materials you want and in quantities you specify.

If you haven't tried the internet as a source for your wholesale bead supplies, now is the tine to explore the possibilities online beads suppliers have to offer. It's very easy to find reputable wholesale bead suppliers through online business directories or if you want, just type keywords like "wholesale beads" on your trusted search engine and you'll be directed to various website listings containing the keywords you've just typed.

When doing business with these online beds suppliers, you have to establish right from the very start that you represent a registered business duly licensed and covered by your state laws regarding sales license and tax-exempt certificate issuance.

This will permit you to purchase beads at wholesale prices and in bulk orders by presenting these certificated to online wholesale suppliers. In turn you have to verify the online wholesales themselves if they are duly registered and licensed to sell beads by asking for pertinent documents from them. There are a many scammers out there in the internet out to make a run for your money as well as unscrupulous trades who will try to shortchange you so be careful in doing business online.


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