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Body Piercing Jewelry - An Art and Craft

Body piercing is a popular form of body art in which a particular part of your body gets being pricked or punctured through a particular method. A catchy jewelry item often in shape of a ring is being passed through that piercing afterwards. Unusual body piercing is becoming more and more common with the young generation. This trend has given vent to the special clan of jewelry meant for the enhancement of the pierced parts.

Body piercing is not recent phenomena. It is supposed to be an ancient tradition. In the olden times, this practice was carried out right from the birth and irrespective of the gender. The nose and ear piercing are the oldest trends related to this fashion. In some societies like Egypt, it was considered a holy ritual associated with the spiritual gains. In the primitive tribal areas, body piercing was thought to be a cultural characteristic.

Besides, nose and ear piercing, there are the other recent trends to get some other body parts pierced as well. Naval piercing, nipple piercing, tongue piercing, labret piercing, eyebrow piercing are amongst the recent trends. The urge to beautify and enhance the personality image besides making an individual fashion statement leads towards this kind of body art exhibition.

In the olden times, the materials used for body piercing jewelry were usually natural elements like wood, shell, animal bones and claws. With the passage of time, as the mankind moved towards being civilized, the use of metals got included into the making of body jewelry.

Nowadays, steel, bronze, gold, silver, titanium and platinum are being used along with diamonds and semi precious stones. Metals having nickel are not preferred as they can cause infection which is quite upsetting for the certain body parts. Solid gold of either 14 or 18 karats is the most suitable and commonly used metal for this purpose.

Body piercing jewelry for the naval or labret piercing usually comes in the shape of spirals, twists claws, tapers, tusks and tunnels. Another material that is getting used for this purpose is Pyrex glass. It comes in transparent colors as well opaque transparency.

The tools should be well sterilized before the execution because it involves high risks of bacterial infection, nerve damage and allergic reactions. The jewelry should also be opted of a high quality metals in order to avoid any risk afterwards. The safest way to get your body parts pierced is to go to the professionals. You can also come across a wide selection of body jewelry to suit your body organ that you are going to get pricked


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History and Geography of Body Piercing Jewelry

As for the history of piercing, body piercing is an art that is not a new one. It has been going on for some 2000 years now, and has always been a very popular one among all types of body art.

Jewelry is a broad term that includes fashion jewelry, symbolic jewelry, and piercing jewelry. To get a fast overview of the types of jewelry, here is a little information on them. Fashion jewelry is the type that we wear for the sole purpose of looking good, like bracelets, pendants, and anklets and such. Symbolic jewelry such as the 'mangalsutra' which is a long necklace made of black beads or 'nowa' which is a bangle made from the mixture of any three metals - preferably gold, silver and copper, or mangtika' which is an ornament for the forehead, worn by Indian women throughout the country which especially symbolize their marital status. These jewelry pieces either are worn for the fun of it, or for the deeper reason which they stand for.

Geography means the locations of piercing on the body and wear body piercing jewelry. The most common piercing done is on the ears. In some countries, where wearing jewelry is almost compulsory for especially girls, infant or toddlers of the feminine gender have to get their ears pierced. This is especially done so that it pains less, for when they grow up the cartilage of the ears get thicker and thus it becomes tougher to get the ears pierced. In Muslim countries, the nose stud is the symbol of femininity and marriage, so girls are most commonly got their noses pierced within the first few years of their life.

In the Western countries, piercing the body is more of a fashion than a religious or social part of the life. The very common type of piercing - ear piercing - has more than five types in itself. The normal lobe piercing is what most of us have - boys and girls both. But other than that, various parts of the ear are pierced, like the inner cartilage at various points, the outer cartilage and also more than one piercing on the lobe.

There are at least eight types of piercing for in and around the lips. Some are on the lips, some above or below the lips, some on the chin, while one - known as the Medusa piercing - is right in the middle of the upper lip. There are other piercings like the corset piercing which is done on the back using steel rings. Nape piercing, Achilles piercing - done on the heels, witch's piercing - for those who have joined toes, nipple piercing, eye brow piercing, fore head piercing, belly button piercing, genital piercing, bicep piercing - these are some of the piercings that I have come across while studying about body piercing and piercing jewelry.Then come the types of jewelry that are usually available in the market, especially in wholesale body jewelry shops over internet. Piercing jewelry is not really exclusive, which means there some basic types which you can use for more than one piercing. A nose stud can be worn on the ears or as a lip or labret jewelry.

Similarly, the endless hoops, banana jewelry, horse shoe balls or cones, industrial barbells, or internally threaded rings - you can use them for more than one piercing. With the ear plugs, however, there is one use, and that is to adorn your ear lobes.



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Stephen Joseph matelassé Sac à dos - personnalisé Sacs d'école pour vos enfants

Une excellente manière d'obtenir vos enfants à l'école lui achète / elle un Stephen Joseph matelassé sac à dos. Il est l'un des meilleurs moyens d'ajouter plus de plaisir à la façon dont vos enfants apprennent et jouent à l'école. Le fait que l'école offre beaucoup de plaisir pour les enfants en dehors de l'apprentissage, il est important de les aider à tirer le maximum de leurs possibilités. Chaque enfant veut obtenir éduqués sur un grand nombre de questions, notamment sur les questions qui sont en cours. Cependant, ils peuvent aussi être méchant parfois trop; vous impliquer dans certains actes drôles souvent.

Enfants déversent leurs sacs d'école où ils se sentent comme; surtout quand ils jouent. Étonnamment, certains de ces sacs sont jetés dans un lieu unique dès qu'il est temps de jeu. L'identification de chaque cartable devient un problème majeur une fois la récréation est terminée. Cela semble être le principal défi auquel est confrontée parents et les enfants. Voilà pourquoi votre enfant pourrait revenir de l'école avec un sac différent de ce qu'il / elle a pris à l'école le matin.

L'apprentissage peut être tellement de plaisir avec les sacs à dos Stephen Joseph. Ces sacs viennent en différentes couleurs attrayantes et les formes. En dehors de cela, vous pouvez aussi demander spécialement personnalisé Stephen Joseph matelassé sac à dos avec le nom de votre enfant écrit sur elle. Un design personnalisé facilite les choses pour les enfants et les parents, surtout quand il vient à l'identification d'un cartable. Cela ne veut pas un défi particulier aux parents et les enfants parce que les enseignants doivent également faire face à de telles situations aussi.

Les sacs à dos Stephen Joseph sont fabriqués à partir de matériaux de haute qualité qui durent plus longtemps que les autres produits sur le marché. Voilà pourquoi ils durent plus longtemps et ne se déchirent pas facilement et l'usure. Donc, peu importe ce que farcir votre enfant mis dans son sac à dos matelassé Stephen Joseph, il n'y a rien à craindre. Chacun des sacs achetés est lavable en machine et mesure 12 "de haut x 9,5" de large x 4 "de profondeur. Ils sont faits de 100% coton sergé externe, 100% polyester.

En dehors de l'achat de ces sacs pour vos enfants, vous pouvez aussi les offrir comme cadeaux à des amis et membres de la famille. Ils peuvent être trouvés dans les grands magasins à travers votre quartier à des prix abordables. Cela pourrait être une façon de montrer combien vous vous inquiétez pour vos enfants, surtout quand il vient à combiner plaisir et l'apprentissage.

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