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Body Piercing Jewelry - An Art and Craft

Body piercing is a popular form of body art in which a particular part of your body gets being pricked or punctured through a particular method. A catchy jewelry item often in shape of a ring is being passed through that piercing afterwards. Unusual body piercing is becoming more and more common with the young generation. This trend has given vent to the special clan of jewelry meant for the enhancement of the pierced parts.

Body piercing is not recent phenomena. It is supposed to be an ancient tradition. In the olden times, this practice was carried out right from the birth and irrespective of the gender. The nose and ear piercing are the oldest trends related to this fashion. In some societies like Egypt, it was considered a holy ritual associated with the spiritual gains. In the primitive tribal areas, body piercing was thought to be a cultural characteristic.

Besides, nose and ear piercing, there are the other recent trends to get some other body parts pierced as well. Naval piercing, nipple piercing, tongue piercing, labret piercing, eyebrow piercing are amongst the recent trends. The urge to beautify and enhance the personality image besides making an individual fashion statement leads towards this kind of body art exhibition.

In the olden times, the materials used for body piercing jewelry were usually natural elements like wood, shell, animal bones and claws. With the passage of time, as the mankind moved towards being civilized, the use of metals got included into the making of body jewelry.

Nowadays, steel, bronze, gold, silver, titanium and platinum are being used along with diamonds and semi precious stones. Metals having nickel are not preferred as they can cause infection which is quite upsetting for the certain body parts. Solid gold of either 14 or 18 karats is the most suitable and commonly used metal for this purpose.

Body piercing jewelry for the naval or labret piercing usually comes in the shape of spirals, twists claws, tapers, tusks and tunnels. Another material that is getting used for this purpose is Pyrex glass. It comes in transparent colors as well opaque transparency.

The tools should be well sterilized before the execution because it involves high risks of bacterial infection, nerve damage and allergic reactions. The jewelry should also be opted of a high quality metals in order to avoid any risk afterwards. The safest way to get your body parts pierced is to go to the professionals. You can also come across a wide selection of body jewelry to suit your body organ that you are going to get pricked


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