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Gemstone Beads - Some Tips for Choosing the Right Ones

Different kinds of materials are used for making beads, however, the gemstone beads are known for their own beauty and charm. So if you are planning to buy a new set of jewelry or make a design by yourself, the gemstone beads would be the right kind of beads to lay your hands on. These beads are generally produced in different sizes, colors and shapes and you will also get a wide price margin which will help you to choose the beads, keeping in mind your budget.

These beads will add a huge amount of grace to your jewelry and will make your jewelry look a class apart. These beads can be used in any kind of jewelries starting from earrings, necklaces, chokers or bracelets and can be used in thousands of different ways to achieve what you exactly wish for. However, it is very important to determine what and how you wish to use these beads for before you spend money on them.

There are different types of gemstone beads which you can use according to your choice of design. There are various colors of these beads and each color has different kind of beads. For example, the yellow gemstone beads have three main types of gems, citrine, yellow topaz and diamond respectively. Red gemstones are garnet, ruby, spinet and coral. The pink gemstones are Tourmaline and sapphire. Green gemstones are jade, emerald, peridot and green sapphire. Iolite, chalcedony, tanzanite, lapiz lazuli, amethyst and aquamarine are some of the blue and violet gemstone beads. In browns and greys you can find diamonds and smoky quartz. White gemstone beads are opal, diamonds and quartz. There are some diamonds which are black in color as well. Another type of gemstone beads which are black in color are known as onyx.

All these different types of gems have different prices which essentially depend on their gemological properties. For an example, if you are looking for softer and an elegant gemstone bead, then chalcedony would be the best choice, however, these beads are not to be used for making jangling bracelets since there is a possibility of the beads chipping off due to constant friction with different objects. For making such jewelries the ideal gemstone beads would be blue topazes or sapphires since they are highly durable.

The sizes of these gemstones are also important to consider while using them for making jewelries. The smallest of these beads have a diameter of 2mm and the biggest ones can go up to 26mm in diameter. The smaller beads are generally available in strands and the bigger ones can b bought in numbers. The strands can range from 15 inches to 20 inches and can be cut into different shapes.

There are a lot of reputed dealers in the market from where you can buy the desired gemstone beads, however, it is important to learn about the different properties of these beads before buying them. It is always advisable to do a little bit of research before buying any of them. Internet is also a very good option for ordering these beautiful looking stones.

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