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Crimp Beads - Some Things To Know

A crimp bead is a type of finishing bead that is used to secure the ends of most kinds of jewelry. They can be used with wire jewelry, leather cord jewelry, ribbon jewelry and many other types of jewelry. What a crimp bead actually does is that it creates a loop to keep beads from sliding off. These are available in a variety of metal types. For a professionally finished look, many jewelry designers also use a crimp cover over it.

Types of Crimp Beads Available

Crimping beads are quite essential in jewelry making. They are available in many different types. Some of most commonly used crimps include:

Round crimps - are mainly used to secure beads. But, when floating bead jewelry is made, they are also incorporated into the design. A number of jewelry makers use these crimps together with calottes and crimp covers. When using them, they need to be compressed carefully with pliers so that they are squashed down and held securely in place. If you are planning to use round crimp beads in your creations, ensure that the bead is large enough to allow the threat to pass through it twice. This is how you will be able to secure the bead in place.

Crimp tubes - these are large and quite long when compared to the round ones. They are much stronger as well. These are left uncovered and are used to secure beads in jewelry making. These are mainly used with heavy and larger beads.

Ribbon crimps - are used with ribbon jewelry. These days, most jewelry designers choose ribbons as an alternative to chains and beading threads and this is where they need ribbon crimps to secure their jewelry. Ribbon crimps can be found in rectangular or square shapes.

How Are They Used

The crimp beads is slipped onto the wire or beading thread and pulled through. The wire is then looped back, slipped on a clasp and tucked through the crimp. Using crimp bead pliers, the crimp is grasped at the second hole and gently pressed on the bead. Pressing the crimp on a bead will give it a concave look. It is important that the pliers you use have two notches. The back one is used for crimping and the front one for shaping the tube when it has been crimped.


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