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Cheap Gift Ideas: Affordable Hair Accessories

When you hear the word cheap, the first thing that comes to mind is the old cliche "you get what you pay for". That's not necessarily the case if you take the time to look in the right places. I think most everyone these days are becoming smarter when it comes to shopping. With that said, I want to go over some good quality gift ideas.

Hair accessories are great for the girls both young and old. You will have such a huge selection to choose from, that you will be like a kid in a candy store yourself just picking them out. No matter what your little ones favorite colors are, you will have no problem at all finding the perfect gift. From bows to headbands, the selection is seemingly infinite.

You will have a really good variety to choose from in bows. Depending on the occasion, and the age of the child you're shopping for, you will find anything from a 2.5" chunky bow clip to a 6" big boutique style hair bow. If you really want to hit a home run on her Birthday, add a variety of different styles and colors of bows to a gift basket. She will have a blast going through that basket.

Korker bows are always a hit as well. I don't think you'll have any problem at all finding the right korker bow to match any outfit she has in her closet. Not only will she have a choice when it comes to matching outfits, but, the korker bow is one that can be worn in a number of ways, including, clipping on her favorite flip-flops or sandals. The older girls also have fun wearing these bows to school to show off their school colors. With all of the different colors mixed into a korker bow, you can get them to match which ever holiday season it is as well.

Another cute way to wear a bow is to clip it onto a headband. I've noticed lately that a lot of newborns are wearing them this way. Not only are headbands worn as an accessory, but they are also very functional as well. You can wear them to keep the hair pulled back out of your face, or if your working out, they can keep the sweat out of your eyes. You can find them in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

All of the above mentioned hair accessories are great gifts. Like I was saying earlier, just because it's very reasonably priced, does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Good quality hair accessories, if stored properly, will last for many years, and are great gifts.


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