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How to Make Hair Bows

Making hair bows with ribbons that are cut to the right size is pretty easy. Here is the stuff you will require to begin with:

Several rolls of ribbon. These can be of satin, cotton or any other material as long as they are a little study. Something like crepe is great to use for ribbons too.

Some small pieces of wire. Ensure that these are properly molded and do not have sharp ends or edges that can hurt the wearer of the hair bow spoiling all your effort. Floral pieces of wire are often used for hair bows and can be cut easily.

A ruler or tape measure and of course a good scissors.

Some gum, glue or any other sticking material.

You can get bead decorations if you wish to use them.

Method: Cut a piece of ribbon of about 3 inches length and cut another ribbon of a much smaller size to only about 4/8th of an inch.

Measure out about six inches more of the main ribbon. Hold this piece and mark out spaces at one inch each. At every one-inch where you have placed a mark, twist it by a half and then further measure 3. 5 inches before folding the ribbon double back to make a loop. You can hold the loop in place with your finger while you repeat the process from the other side.

When both loops are done, you can make another pair of similar loops. These can be smaller than the previous ones. You will have to place the smaller loops over the bigger ones, hold it in place with your hands and then tie up the middle with the wire. You can cut off any extra pieces of the wire or the ribbon by the scissors. If you use ribbons of two different colors, it can give an added brightness to your bow. Now, simply attach this bow to a small comb or plain clip!


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