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How to Make Hair Bows! Where You Should Shop to Find Supplies!

Little Girls hair bows are a great way to accessorize the perfect outfit! These days, you can find so many pretty ribbon prints and polka dots, that finding the perfect bow for a special outfit is a breeze. Custom bows can cost you up to $30 in children's boutiques, so learning to make them YOURSELF is a great creative outlet and money saving opportunity! Now that hair bow instructions are readily available on the internet, this goal is easily attainable!

You may be wondering how do I start making my own hair bows? The first step is to locate your supplies. You're going to need a few basics to begin- ribbon, hair clips, and a glue gun and glue sticks. Head out to your local hobby, craft, or sewing store where you should be able to locate everything on this list. Also, some large grocery chains have begun offering a craft section, so you may find most of these items there as well!

Grosgrain ribbon is the most popular type of ribbon to create boutique style bows these days. Simply put, grosgrain ribbon creates nicely shaped, loopy hair bows because the thick ribbon is easy to work with. Your local craft shop should have a nice selection of solid colored and printed grosgrain in various widths. Keep in mind that smaller hair bows will require narrow ribbon. For example, a ribbon that is 3/8" wide would produce a hair bow that is around 2 inches long. A large hair bow, on the other hand, would require a ribbon that is about 1 1/2" wide. You may want to purchase a variety of different ribbons in different widths to practice with. This will help you become comfortable with your hair bow making! When purchasing your ribbon, make sure to buy a yard of each to ensure you will have enough to complete your bow- you will have extra of some, depending on the bow size you choose to make and the hair bow instructions that you plan to follow.

Your craft store will also likely stock hair clips and headbands as well. To find these items, you should look near the jewelry aisle near beads and jewelry, crystals, and fabric transfers. Here are some simple tips to remember when selecting your "hardware"/clip choices- the "french clip" is great for older girls, or adults- anyone with a lot of hair. Other clip options, like alligator clips are great for babies and toddlers who have fine, thin hair.

You're also going to need a glue gun and glue sticks, which you can also pick up at the same time as the other items. I recommend that you choose a low heat glue gun rather than high heat or even a multi- temp (low/medium option). The mini-low temp glue guns, which are bargain priced...typically only $2 to $3, heat the glue to the perfect temperature for making hair bows. The glue will be the perfect temperature for your project, but not hot enough to burn your skin and leave you with blisters! Your fingers will thank you! If you already own a high temp glue gun, you'll find this simple investment will save you a lot of hassle!

After you've gathered all of your supplies, you're almost ready to begin making your own hair bows at home! Now, all you'll need are some well written hair bow instructions to help you learn the proper technique, and teach you a variety of different styles! The internet is the perfect place to find hair bow instructions! You can purchase a downloadable eBook or pdf file and learn from home or on your smart phone.

After a few hours, once you master the basics, you'll be glad to know there are so many different types of custom bows you can make! You'll be well on your way to matching your child's favorite outfits and dresses, and the bows you're making will cost just pennies! Aside from basic bows, you can learn to make custom/multi-layered bows, cheerleading bows, corker bows (aka curled ribbon bows), pageant style hair bows...the list is endless! Also, as you get more experienced, you can learn to add embellishments like bottle caps, maribou feathers, tulle, and many others!


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