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Why Make Your Own Crochet Baby Headbands?

Do you have a baby or have any babies in your family? If so, then this article is a Must Read! In the economy that we are living in today, one of the most financially savvy things we can do is learn how to make our own things. This way, we can at least save money in that area. For example, if you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or friends with children, knowing how to crochet baby headbands and give them as gifts can be a great money saver. Plus, they are adorable, are useful, and really cute!

Aside from making them to save money, making your own crochet baby headbands is a fantastic hobby. It allows you to be creative and save money at the same time. (Some of us, myself included, have actually even MADE money making them!) It's the type of hobby that doesn't cost much to get into and can actually save you money, at minimum.

I have three granddaughters and one grandson. I can tell you honestly I've been making crochet headbands for over the past 30 years!

To this day, I still absolutely love them and thoroughly enjoy making them myself. I enjoy making crochet pieces and using crochet baby hat patterns so much that I have actually made a business of it.

My favorite styles of crochet baby headbands are vintage needlework. I absolutely love vintage needlework and all the vintage patterns for babies and adults.

Each year, I make vintage crochet pieces like shawls, hats, scarves, and tons of other things for my children and my grand children. And, each year I get tons of compliments for them!

My family is basically a walking commercial for each piece that I've made. Every time they wear a piece whether it be crochet headbands, or shawls, or sweaters, they are showing off my creation and inspiring others to buy a piece from me.

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