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Why Wooden Beads Are Becoming More And More Popular

Although wooden beads have been made and used for thousands of years, they have seen a recent resurgence in popularity. More and more people are choosing to buy jewelry which has been made using wooden components, and jewelry makers are clamoring to buy these beads for use in their work. But why have wooden beads suddenly become more popular again, when there are so many different types of beads available to choose from?

One of the main reasons why these beads have become popular again is because they seem far more natural than some of the other types of bead which are available on the market, for example acrylic beads or glass beads. It is actually possible to buy certain untreated beads which have been made by hand, and have not come into contact with any unnatural chemicals products. Purchases which are natural and largely chemical free are a growing trend across many different sectors, including gardening and food, so it is no surprise that completely natural beads are growing in popularity as well. Of course, it is also possible to buy wooden beads which are not the natural color of the wood. These beads have often been stained using special dyeing processes. Whilst some beads are dyed or painted using chemicals, other beads are available which have been colored using natural stains. Wood is a receptive medium, and it is also possible to stain or paint your own beads if you would like to create something which is completely unique.

Wooden beads also go well with other types of beads, so they are often purchased by jewelry designers for use in conjunction with other items. They look especially good with other types of earthy, natural materials, such as shell, polished horn from sustainable sources and freshwater pearls. However, it is up to you as to what you team these beads up with - there are plenty of fantastic alternatives, and you may end up coming up with a really funky and unique piece of jewelry.

With many different types of trees being used to make beads, there is also a lot of different, natural variety available. From hardwoods to softwoods, these different types of tree can be used to completely different effect, meaning that there is plenty of variety on offer. Popular woods for jewelry making include; ebony, bayong, palmwood, redwood, rosewood, whitewood and tiger ebony. The natural wood grains of these types of trees are especially renowned for their beauty.


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