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The Creativity and Beauty of Glass Beads

Archaeological discoveries have revealed the existence of glass since a long period of time. It was a crushed crystal and one of the most beautiful materials contrived by man. Known to last for hundreds and even thousands of years, this material was used to make beads of varied shapes and sizes and have the outstanding characteristic of retaining color as compared to other art materials. Representing an aesthetic array of beauty with value, glass beads are nowadays available in enticing colors, finishes and shapes.

Glass is such kind of material which adds magical appeal and touch. There are varied kinds of beads like aurora borealis, druk, Czech beads, dichroic beads, Millefiori, lamp work beads, bumpy etc. All magnificent variety of glass beads comes in many sizes and colors which craftsman can take up to complete their art. They are really very stylish and elegant items to be purchased. Vastly known for high quality, they are really worthy, long lasting, hold values and a memorable treasure.

Glass beads are used to make a wide variety of articles such as necklaces, rings, belts, earrings, bands of necklaces, head bands. Craftsman also use combination of such beads with other materials like wood shell, rudraksha, copper and white metal to produce more attractive designs.

When glass is heated to a absolute temperature, it turns molten and after wards the craftsman can transform it to any shape or layer in which he wish. Many beautiful, graceful and fascinating designs are crafted by artisans. Now a days, variety of colors and textures are available in beads which offer immeasurable design notions. In delineation of them, number of beads per strand and strands per hank hangs on the size and weight of the beads.

Apart from different form of glass beads, pearls and cane are also available in the market which are really eye catching and beautiful. They are comparatively expensive from other beads. These are very versatile kind of beads which can heighten the charisma of artwork as well as can line up with embroidery pattern or sequin pattern etc.


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