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Collecting, Storing and Care of Wool Baseball Caps

Wool baseball caps are not just part of baseball uniform but nowadays, the caps is part of fashion statement of almost all Americans.It is true that wool baseball caps were used by players to protect themselves and to let them track their teammates in the field but if you observe more and more people are now wearing wool baseball caps even outside the field.

Before baseball caps are just worn to show support to their fave baseball team but now, the caps are not used on each game as more and more baseball fans actually collect caps even though their prices are quite high.

For those interested to start collecting them, here are some tips that will guide you start your collection.

1. Look for retail stores

Look for retail stores that sell baseball caps. Malls often sell many types and designs of caps. Pick the one that bears the design or logo of your favorite team.

2. Search in online sites or collectors site

Search in online sites that offer hats. These online sites have wide collection of caps that range from past and present designs.

If you want, you can also visit other collector's site, as they may have pre-owned by the baseball players themselves but be ready to shell out more money because prices tend to be pricier here.

3. If you want to collect authentic baseball caps, make sure that they are really genuine before buying them.

4. You can also go to auction offered by baseball teams, as this is the best place to buy because you really know that you are buying the real deal.

Now if you already have bought some, then it is now time to store them carefully.

1. Organize

Caps should be properly organized according to design, year or model. If you are collecting them of a specific team, you can arrange it to per season year, championship title or other ways that is easy for you to remember.

2. Invest in racks and holders

Racks and holders is the best place to put your collection. You can inquire in retail shops that offer options for your collection.

3. Arrange the caps

They should be folded from the back. For each one space, you can stack up to 5-10 caps.

4. Now you can wear which one you would like to wear. But if you really want to preserve a rare wool cap, it is advisable that you may seldom use it to avoid wear and tear effects to the item.

To clean it, avoid using harsh detergents as it might fade the colors of your caps. If it is really a valued one, it is advisable that you inquire in online sites that offer special treatment in cleaning and handling special caps.


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