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Top 5 Winter Casual Wardrobe Essentials

You casual wardrobe essentials are clothes you can wear everyday when you are not in the office and are not attending some gala ball.

What would you wear when you meet up with friends. Or go to the grocers in the middle of winter? Or to the park for a walk?

What are the everyday clothes you can live in through winter? Essentials that would keep you warm as toast.

1. Jeans.

These are casual essentials that are seasonless. You would wear them in summer. Come winter, jeans keep your legs warm. Denim is thick and would offer you decent protection from the cold. They are a warmer alternative to skirts or dresses that leave your legs unprotected. Slim cut jeans take the pounds off yet keep you warm if you wear thermals underneath.

2. Long sleeve turtleneck tops.

Sure, cleavage is sexy, but baring cleavage while you are out in the snow is plain dumb. You could catch your death of a cold. A long sleeved turtleneck top in a warm fabric like wool would be ideal for winter. It would seal in your body heat and keep your comfortably warm in the bitter cold.

3. Boots.

When you walk outdoors when the temperature is close to zero, even if there is no snow or even ice on the ground, and you are dressed warmly from your cap to your socks, the cold can still chill you from the soles of your feet upwards. You could stuff a heat pack inside each shoe or you could wear thick-soled boots. Ideally, a pair of knee high boots that go over your jeans would give you double protection from the cold when you go outdoors. These should have thick, well insulated soles to keep you warm as a toast.

4. Thermal Underwear

You could pile on the layers until you look like a woolen ball, or at least twenty pounds heavier than you really are. Or you could wear thermal underwear, long sleeve thermal tops and long thermal pants that fit like second skin to lock the heat in. These should be made of wool or a smart fabric that really prevents the loss of precious body heat. What I like best about tight thermal underwear is that they keep your warm without adding bulk.

5. A soft warm jacket.

How can one go through winter without a jacket or coat? Outerwear is essential when you go out in the cold. A good jacket should be soft and comfortable, not prickly. North face jackets [] are among the most popular casual winter jackets because of their durability and good looks. Other great casual jackets include real leather jackets that make you look like you walked out of a Matrix movie. Or a sexy trenchcoat. That jacket defines your look, so choose a look that you like.


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