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Some Popular Baseball Party Favors for Your Kid's Birthday

Being a baseball star is an ultimate dream for scores of children in the country. Few other sports are as suited for birthday party themes for kids as baseball. Having decided on that theme for your son's birthday, you would want to come up with good baseball party favors to thank kids for joining your son's birthday. This post gives you an idea about what favors are popular with kids.

The most common and popular party favor when it comes to baseball is ultimately the helmet. Most kids identify a baseball star with his helmet, if nothing else. Since these are kids and it is just a birthday party favor, you favor would likely be baseball helmets. You don't need to spend much on those. Since these are just plastic helmets, they won't be too expensive for you at all.

Party favors are things that children can play with or make use of after they go home and remember your child's birthday party and the fun associated with it. With that in mind, baseball cards featuring their favorite players or the local team would be a great idea. Many baseball leagues may give these away for free. Check out their websites to see if they have such offers going around.

Along with the helmet, children will also love to get some baseball gear for free at your kid's birthday party. Again, you won't need full blown kits that cost hundreds of dollars to make baseball party favors. Check out online stores for miniature baseball kits which have gloves which will fit small children's hands. With rebates, you can save a lot of money on these kits, especially if you buy them in bulk.

Although cards are popular, you need something that gets kids really excited about the favors. To that end, posters of the local team would act as great party favors. Again some major leagues would be happy to give these out for free since it is free advertisement for them. You can also include large posters of other non-local teams just to add some variety to the mix.

When you think of what kids like the most which is not related to a particular theme, it is mostly candies. Being a baseball themed birthday party, you can buy candies with covers featuring national baseball stars. Candies are a really inexpensive and successful way of making kids jump out in joy. You will notice that you don't really need to empty your pockets to satisfy small kids of this age.

Okay, so we have a baseball themed birthday party for you kid. But where is the baseball? Well, don't forget to include these in your list of party favors. Instead of miniature baseballs, you would be better of giving them inexpensive versions of real size baseballs that they can play with at the birthday party and even after they go home.

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