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Ideas For Great Costumes For Halloween You Can Find Online

Halloween can be a blast, but it often catches you by surprise. It's a fun holiday, but it's not one that you likely plan ahead for. Usually, you don't think about it in the mad shuffle of work and home responsibilities until maybe a week before hand if you're lucky, and then you find yourself scrambling to find a Halloween costume. If you've been invited to a Halloween party, you certainly don't want to show up dressed as yourself. That's about as stodgy as you can get. If you don't have one, relax. You can find plenty of great costumes for Halloween online. Check out these awesome Halloween ideas.

One great idea for a Halloween costume is to dress as your favorite movie character. The list is endless. You can dress up like the Iron Man or sport the latest duds of your favorite Toy Story character. If you're feeling like a hellish crime fighter, why not go as Hellboy and be the toughest overcoat in the party? The Flinstones are always a hit, and a great opportunity for a whole group to dress up and get in on the fun of a themed costume. If you're feeling like a little Oz, try being Dorothy and follow a rainbow. Marilyn Monroe always steals away the party. When it comes to movies, you can choose contemporary or classic, zany or the latest blockbuster.

These days patriotic costumes for Halloween are very popular. You can go as Miss Liberty, Betsy Ross, or George Washington and help found a nation. If you're looking to show your sexy yet patriotic side, there's the woman's sexy sailor stormy sky costume or a sexy sailor captain. There are a number of early American varieties available, including colonial and Revolutionary War general. Uncle Sam is always a hit, with red, white and blue hat, pants, and jacket. You can even get a red, white and blue wig and go as a punk Uncle Sam.

Dressing like the Renaissance is also a Halloween hit and great for couples. She can go as a tavern wench while he goes as a medieval tavern man. There are costumes for queens and kings, knights, peasants, warrior kings, nobleman. Lady Marian is a popular Halloween character, available in adult and child sizes.

There are also great pirate costumes for Halloween available. You can go as the Jack Sparrow, perfect for swashbuckling. There is Davy Jones available as well for plenty of sword fights in the street. Who says ladies can't loot? You can wear a lacy or a sexy pirate costume. Viking warrior princesses are perfect for looting the night.

Dressing up from a particular period can also be great party fun, especially if you get the whole group involved. Imagine hitting the town with a carload of 1920s gangsters and pretending to rob a bank. Dress as 1950s milkshake slurping teenagers and hang out with the Fonz. Dress up as the 60s, flower power with the hippies or go as a beehive wearing secretary or maybe a British rock star. The 70s are great for disco, but don't forget about those great tacky polyester suits. Now that the 80s are nostalgic, you can break out your high school years with mullet wigs, biker outfits, or classic heavy metal wear.

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