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Halloween Arts & Crafts Ideas - Look Spooky This Halloween

The first and foremost task involved in preparing for Halloween is to look out for places on where you can get yourself the costume you have been wanting to wear and show off amongst your friends. Halloween is all about wearing the dress you never even imagine of wearing on any other day of the year. Of course you would know that or else you would not be reading this article. The best option to look for ideas, on where to buy costumes or how to prepare one, is the Internet. Like all other information, tons of ideas for Halloween can be found on the Internet. Even though this article does not contain all the ideas for a complete Halloween, it would definitely help you start your preparation.

Halloween is just about creating a theme and strictly abiding to the theme. You can also have a normal party with people coming in different costumes but it would be real fun if you set aside a theme for Halloween. Halloween is about having fun decorations making it scary and eerie.

Let us take some time in going through a few ideas that can make you Halloween interesting.

Idea #1 - Do you have a bush in front of your house? Or can you create one just for the occasion? If yes, you are about to be the point of attraction in your neighborhood. Make a note of the items required for this idea. You need a white sheet as per the size of the bush, a newspaper, permanent black magic marker or fabric paint and cloth pins. The idea is to make a ghost like figure by painting a ghost on the white paper, folding the white sheet, balancing the sheet with the newspaper and securing the figure with the help of clothespins. Sounds really simple but it is definitely going to scare the passerby.

Idea #2 - The other idea for Halloween is to make your house look very festive and very scary, both the inside and the outside. I will show you how to get a scary path way. You will need lots of brown lunch bags, orange paint, sand and tea light or votive candle. Paint the bags orange in color and cut it out to make a scary face of a pumpkin. Fill half of the pumpkin face with sand and put a candle in it and light it. Make lots of these along the pathway and it would look really scary.

Idea #3 - You will require orange construction paper, white construction paper, pencil, scissors, string, tape, glue and staples. Draw a picture of a ghost on the white chart paper and pumpkin faces on the orange one. Be sure to make it a free hand draw to get originality. Also leave some space on top of the chart so that you can hang it to make a garland of ghosts and pumpkin faces. Fold over the space and place the string by the fold. Secure the created articles using staples, glue and tape. The pumpkin garland would look good with a green string and the ghosts with a black string to have a good contrast. Hang them all round your house and start the party.


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