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Make Creative Charm Bracelets With Wholesale Charms

Making charm bracelets was a pre-historic pastime spawned from devoted jewelry making. Today, wholesale charms sold in bulk offer a greater variety of designs for modern jewelry makers. Charms are also affordable and easily found in a range of places from online retailers to flea markets. The making process is a fun and enlightening experience to undertake as a career or as a hobby. This type of bracelet remains a popular way to spread passion and fashion.

Jewelers make many different types of charms. They can produce the ornaments in gemstone, pewter, glass or metal material for purchase in assorted colors. The popularity of charm bracelets brings a wide variety of fashion to jewelry making. The most elaborate designs are made to represent the personal interests of the jewelry wearer. Many trinkets and pendants are symbolic expressions of love, companionship, loyalty and faith. Designs may be nautical wheels to represent an interest in the sea, a Celtic symbol to stand for a cultural background, or an artist palette to express a creative mind.

Appreciating the process of making these bracelets requires that the maker know the history. There are charm bracelets over 70,000 years old that were made from available materials like animal bones and shells. Primitive cultures began making and wearing objects that would fend off evil spirits or misfortune. These bracelets were found all over the world, including a German-made one adorned with elaborately carved tusks. Knights from the Middle Ages who rode off to battle carried these accessories as part of their armor. Ancient Egypt contained bracelets that symbolized religion and well-being and also served as an identity for people who would meet the gods in the afterlife. Similarly, Christians of the Roman Empire period hid fish ornaments to use as badges to other Christians. The Jewish students wrote extracts from their law studies and placed them in amulets as adornments to keep by their hearts. The trend of wearing charms continued into the Dark Ages as people wore symbols to represent commonly important factors like family, politics and faith.

Interest in charm bracelets has set off numerous trends throughout history from the Victorian era to post-2000s. After 2000, a new bracelet design let a wearer interchange charms and beads made of silver, gold, or glass for a personalized style. Jewelry collectors revived an interest in vintage jewelry by collecting emblems of the past.

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