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Semi Precious Beads Can Be Found In Various Shapes Including Animals

Did you know that it is possible to buy semi precious beads in the shapes of animals? If you have a friend or relative who is a huge animal lover, why not create them a unique piece of jewelry using these shapes? The bear shape is often seen in Zuni jewelry so should be available in the craft or bead stores near you. If you are looking for beautiful stones to work with, look for hematite. These black beads can look very striking and are often copied by glass bead manufacturers.

Some styles of beads are not suitable for jewelry pieces even if they are made from semi precious stones. The weight of some stones can make them uncomfortable to wear and some shapes are best suited for use in different beadwork projects. For example, some cubes have been drilled at an angle and will never sit flat no matter how skilled a bead worker you are.

It is possible to buy graded semi precious beads if you want to create pieces using stones that are of similar color and weight. You may have to pay slightly extra but the results should be worth it. Obviously you don't have to buy matching stones. In fact one of the pleasures of making your own jewelry pieces is the fact that you have 100% control over the materials you buy and the way the piece turns out.

If you new to making jewelry and even if you have had a lot of practice it is worth planning out your design before you start working on threading the beads. You can buy special bead mats to help with this process. Some semi precious beads don't look right when used as centrepieces or with certain colors. Experiment by all means but remember you or your friend will end up wearing the piece and it should look attractive.

Are you interested to string unique glass seed beads? Check out acrylic pearl beads and create your own exceptional fashion statement.


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