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Spoon Jewelry: From Antique Silverware to Wearable Adornments

From heirloom patterns featuring flowers and vines to novelty designs such as lines or images, we have always been fascinated by antique silverware because of its beauty and history. In fact, collectors from all over the world would often go on hunts in flea markets, estate sales or local auctions in search of rare silverware to complete a collection.

Born with a Silver Spoon

Silver spoons were considered prized possessions in the early days, thus the term "born with a silver spoon" was coined. Silver spoons were used to indicate social class and distinguish families who were landowners. Because silverware was highly valuable, houses of wealthy landowners were often burglarized and the stolen spoons were sold for large sums of money.

A Spoonful of Craftiness

What used to be traditional silverware are now considered wearable art forms. Today, there are many talented artisans who turn silverware into elegant spoon jewelry. What makes this jewelry different is that it is crafted by artisans with their bare hands by using simple tools.

These handmade jewelry collections come in the form of silver spoon rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and even watches that are created using high-quality components and findings. Expect spoon jewelry to be great conversation pieces because they are totally unexpected objects that have been transformed into trendy accessories.

From Silverware to Silver-Worn Jewelry

There are many available styles of vintage inspired spoon jewelry which can easily add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. From past to present, spoon jewelry continues to provide stylish elegance to women who wear these pieces. The intricate designs and antique look of spoon jewelry is both romantic and chic.

Proper care should be given to spoon jewelry as each piece has been oxidized for a unique vintage feel. When not being used, handmade jewelry should be kept in airtight plastic bags to prevent tarnishing and stored in a jewelry box.

Spoon jewelry inspired by antique silver spoon patterns and heirloom designs from the late 1800s to early 1900s can be found on various online jewelry boutiques. These spoon jewelry are handcrafted by artisans in their own studios and come in many lovely embellished designs.

Vintage scrolls, intricate scallops, delicate flowers, eighteenth century Rococo-inspired designs and antique-style demitasse spoon patterns are just some of the spoon jewelry styles to choose from. Many spoon bracelets are embellished with freshwater pearls or genuine Swarovski crystals in the center while spoon watches are known to have lustrous Mother of Pearl faces.

Some jewelry pieces even combine many spoons, such as one necklace with as much as twenty spoons to create a design! Handmade jewelry made of vintage-style forks and antique cocktail forks are also available in whimsical designs.

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