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Fun Times Making Beaded Jewelry

Not only can you look great by making your own beaded jewelry you can also have a blast while you create to your hearts content. The first creation you should consider making is a beaded necklace for its elegance and simplicity. The second creation you should consider making is some beaded earrings.

Before you begin go to a bead or craft store so you can buy some supplies. The only things you really need to start are some thread or wire and some inexpensive beads. Always start with the inexpensive beads to learn with then move onto your favorite gem stones once you have the basics down.

Let's make a beaded necklace first. In the bead or craft store buy some thread or wire, beads, two crimps and a clasp. Next use more thread than you will actually need so you will have enough to attach the clasp with. Layout your beads on the table in the desired pattern you wish to make on the necklace. Now you can string the beads onto the middle of the thread or wire in your desired pattern. Use a piece of tape at the end of each pattern to hold your place. You can also use a spacer bead instead of the tape.

At each end slide one of the crimps onto the thread or wire. Add one half of the clasp, then string the thread back through the crimp and use needle nose pliers and press firmly on the crimp. Now you can remove the tape.

Now you can wear your creation and start all over again to make more. Once you have the knack you will never run out of ideas. So pursue your new found hobby with all the energy you can muster. You'll find it not only fun but also a great way to learn different avenues of self expression.

Next let's make some beaded earrings. First here are the supplies you will need: 2 head pins ( or eye pins as they are sometimes called), 4 spacers, 4 beads, and 2 fishhook ear wires. Next you will begin by putting the beads on in a simple pattern: bead, spacer, bead, spacer, like that. Ok, now follow closely, make a loop right above the top bead: using needle nose pliers, bend the pin at a 90 degree angle. Then using round nose pliers, form a loop. Wrap the wire on the other side of the loop, back around the wire (in between the loop and the bead). Now cut with wire cutters. Next, take the fish hook ear wire, and open the loop. Attach your drop and close the loop. Repeat for the second earring.

Limitless adventures -- that is what you'll have now that you have mastered the first step in creativity. You'll amaze yourself the more you allow yourself to develop and play. Don't put restraints on your designs, instead just let them flow freely. Even if something seems like a long shot take a chance -- what have you got to lose? Never again will you be afraid to walk into a new adventure. Fun and excitement is what you carry inside of you now. Watch it explode and mature as you allow yourself to develop your own style and grace. Remember today is the first day of the rest of your creative life.

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