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Anklet Information For You - Getting Started With an Anklet Guide

As with anything, it's wise to consult an anklet guide to understand more about this type of accessory and find out which one would suit your personality best. Here is a basic anklet guide to help you get started.

The basics

Also known as ankle bracelets or ankle chains, anklets are worn to draw one's attention to the feet and legs. Longer than most bracelets but shorter than chokers and necklaces, they are wide enough so they hang loosely around the ankle but are still small enough so they don't slip off. They tied, screwed, or clasped over the foot and they may also come with charms and bells. Historically and culturally, though, anklets are used by unmarried Indian women, while the rest like the Americans use it for purposes of fashion. While most anklet wearers are women, men are also very fond of those braided or made from casual leather.

Kinds of anklets

There are four kinds for you to choose from according to this anklet guide. These include:

Gemstone - like most kinds of jewelry, anklets may also be adorned with gemstones like diamond, jade, ruby, topaz, and amethyst. However, they are usually left for use during formal occasions because they are made with platinum, silver, or gold chains. Some designs also integrate anklets with toe rings connecting both with with a thin chain.

Metal - thin chains of platinum, silver, yellow gold, or white gold, metal anklets are worn both on casual and formal events. Bells and charms are the usual add-ons.

Beaded - beaded anklets are made from different materials like pearls, stones, or acrylic or plastic beads in various shapes and colors, with the beads strung on bands of plastic, rubber, or leather. It depends on the design but these anklets may also be worn on formal occasions.

Fabric/Cloth - fabric or cloth anklets are typically woven or braided, mostly seen as summer or beach accessories. Besides being easy to make, materials are also inexpensive so these anklets are the cheapest of the bunch.


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