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How to Make Bead Jewelry

Jewelry making has always been a popular hobby but in recent years it has become more mainstream which in turn has meant that the materials need have become very accessible for all.

If you are looking at how to make bead jewelry then you need to choose from the two main types of beading. The first is stringing beads and the other is wire-working with beads, both of which are very effective. There are many materials available for beading, from the wire or beading string you use to the clasps you use to finish your piece. That is without mentioning the thousands of beads you can choose from.

If you are looking to start beading then you are better off first buying a 'how to make bead jewelry' guide to find out exactly what materials you need before you start buying. The materials used are very accessible and inexpensive so you may find yourself getting carried away buying items you do not need. If this happens you could find yourself overwhelmed with ideas and getting the basics wrong. It is a good decision to just buy what you need to complete a design with full instructions so you can get a feel for things and learn a few techniques without getting overwhelmed by designing.

The best thing you can do when you are just starting out is to buy cheap beading supplies so you can practise without worrying about using pieces due to their price. Beads can be bought in thousands of different shapes and colors, as well as a full range of prices. Choose cheap beads to use while you are learning unless you are planning on taking your work apart so you can reuse the beads when you have gained experience.

Many people who enjoy making bead jewelry take their hobby to the next level and sell their pieces ask either a small business or just to fund more materials. When you are at this level you want to invest in a good beading board to help you design. This is also the time to go out and buy in bulk as this will give you plenty of different styles to beads to experiment with.

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