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Swarovski Bead Projects



Founded in 1895, Swarovski has become distinguished worldwide for its high quality crystals. Swarovski makes a wide variety of items, including beads. It is common to find Swarovski beads in the shape of stars, rondelles, bicones, teardrops and pendants. Available in many sizes and shapes, Swarovski beads can give almost any project a classy finish.


    A corsage is a popular accessory for special occasions, often worn by the mother of the bride at a wedding or by prom goers. Make a custom-made corsage using Swarovski beads. Arrange your flowers either side-by-side or in layers. Use thick jewelry wire. Fold the wire in half to create a leaf form. Twist the bottom ends of the wire together to close the leaf off. Wrap the thicker wire with bullion wire to give it texture. Cut another piece of bullion wire and make a bead garland. Place the Swarovski beads approximately 1 inch apart on the bullion wire. Wrap your beaded garland around the leaf shape. Make up to four leaves in this manner and attach them to your flowers for a full corsage. (See Resource 1.)

Bib Necklace

    Bib necklaces are large necklaces with a front area similar in shape to the bibs used by babies. They are an accessory that truly makes a fashion statement. Create a bib necklace by arranging fabric flowers, beads and embroidery on a string of leather or felt. For a one-of-a-kind look, use scraps from old clothing to make flowers. Use Swarovski beads as embellishments in the center of your flowers. Create a pattern on the background area of the bib shape and sew on seed beads, larger buttons and Swarovski crystals. (See Resource 2.)


    Centerpieces are used to decorate tables, especially during special occasions such as weddings and dinner parties. Place a nice centerpiece in your guest room to give it a special touch your visitor is sure to love. While centerpieces can be expensive, you can make your own with a candle and some Swarovski crystal beads. Give some shine to your candle; using craft pins, bead your Swarovski crystals onto the pin and push them into your candle. Place the crystal pins randomly around your candle or make shapes like hearts and circles. (See Resource 3.)


    Handheld fans, typically made of paper or cloth, can cool off the holder on a warm day. To add a personal touch to a handheld fan, use Swarovski crystals to decorate the front side. If your fan already has a picture or design, sew the beads strategically into the main decoration. For example, if your fan has a tree on it, sew a few green Swarovski crystals onto the tree to give it texture and shine.

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