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How to Drill Crystal Beads


Crystals are colorful semi-translucent rock formations with rigid prism-shaped structures. Crystals such as yellow topaz, gold and brown striped tiger's eye, green jasper, jet black onyx and rose quartz "grow" or naturally form into beautiful shapes that are perfect to use as beads and necklace pendants. Make your own eye-catching crystal pendants and beads by drilling holes out of your favorite crystals with a diamond-tipped drill bit. One they are made, string them onto your bracelets or add a wire bail to the pendant and place the crystal on a necklace for a natural focal point.



  1        Find the center point of the crystal and make a mark with a black felt-tipped pen to use as a drilling guide. Fill a cup of water and set it on your workspace.

  2        Place the acrylic cutting board on your workspace. Set a jeweler's vise onto the cutting board and secure it by tightening it's bottom clamp to the workspace edge and the board. Place the crystal in the center of the vise jaws, with the cutting guide mark facing you. Tighten the jaws. Try to move the crystal with your fingers to ensure that it won't wiggle when you drill it. If it moves, tighten the vise jaws more.

  3       Put on safety goggles. Place a dab of water onto the top of the crystal. Hold the drill straight and slowly start to drill through the crystal. Periodically remove the crystal and dunk it in water. Keep the bead wet while you are drilling to prevent it from overheating and cracking. Slowly drill your way through the crystal until you have made a straight hole all the way through it.

Acrylic beads are fun to work with as they can be used almost anywhere. Acrylic beads are also relatively inexpensive and come in a wide variety of options of colors, shapes and sizes. You can get more information from acrylic AB color plated beads.

Tips & Warnings

    Handle drills with care as they can injure.

    Do not rush the drilling process. Drilling a hole through a crystal is time consuming, as it cannot be rushed or the crystal will overheat due to friction created by the drill bit and it will break apart.

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