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How to Make Wooden Bead Jewelry


Young children, teenagers and adults can make a variety of wood bead jewelry for themselves or to give as gifts. Beads are available in round, square, large and small shapes and in different designs and colors. They are fairly easy to handle even for little hands to string. Spend an enjoyable and creative hour or two designing and making pretty necklaces, earrings and bracelets for any occasion, holiday or to complement an outfit. No previous jewelry making experience is necessary.



1 Lay the jewelry bead board flat on a work table. This is a plastic bead working guide with measured U-shaped grooves that help with designing jewelry.

2 Decide on a length. If you're creating a necklace, place a measuring tape around your neck so two lengths are hanging in front. Hold the beginning of the tape against the other piece to see how long the necklace should be. Lengths can vary from 16 to 30 inches, depending on comfort and preference.

3 Choose a main bead, or focal point, for the front of the necklace and place it in the bottom center of the U-shape grove of the bead board, facing you. Add beads on either side of the main front bead of the necklace until the length of the necklace has been reached. For example, a necklace 20 inches long will have 10 inches of beading on either side of the center focal bead.

4 Cut a piece of poly-coated jewelry wire the length of the necklace being created plus four inches.

5 String the beads onto the jewelry wire one at a time from one side of the designed necklace on the bead board to the other, leaving extra wire extending on either side.

6 Slip one part of the toggle clasp (it has two parts) onto one of the ends of the jewelry wire. Using jewelry pliers, tie two knots with the wire and slip the excess into the closest bead. Do the same with the other end of the wire and the second part of the toggle clasp.

For any help on wood buttons  , check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the gifts for women.

Tips & Warnings

    If no bead board is available, use a piece of textured fabric that will keep your beads from rolling around. Lay a ruler on the fabric and create your jewelry along the edge.

    Wood beads are available in packages at craft shops or online.

    If desired, enhanced the design of your jewelry by adding contrasting beads made with other materials such as glass, crystal or metal.

    Young children will need adult help using the jewelry wire pliers.

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