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How to Make 3 Kinds of Beaded Key Rings



Just about everyone carries some sort of key ring. These make great gifts because they are inexpensive, easy and fun to make, and are easy to personalize to suit the intended recipient! Check out these instructions to make 3 different types.


 1        Beads (minus focal bead) and tools used in making a simple focal bead key ring


        The lead picture for this article shows a completed key chain made with a focal bead. To make this, use:

        a. A thick gauge head pin (the lower the number, the thicker the pin). A thick gauge pin is recommended so that it won't bend easily in your hand and won't come apart easily where it is attached to the key ring. However, be sure that your focal stone is drilled with a big enough hole that it can slip over the head pin.
        b. A small gold bead that won't slip off the end of the head pin. This is the first bead you put on the pin.
        c. A larger gold bead that won't slip over the small gold bead. This is the second bead you put on the pin.
        d. A large blue semi precious bead with a hole drilled through it from top to bottom. This is called a focal bead because it is larger than most beads, is especially attractive, and may have an unusual shape. This is the last bead you put on the pin.
        e. A jump ring (a simple small metal ring usually used in jewelry making to attach one part of a jewelry piece to another part). Slip the tip of the end pin, over which you just finished slipping the focal point bead, through the jump ring.
        f. Jewelry pliers. Use jewelry pliers to bend the end of the pin through the jump ring and close it tight.
        g. Open the jump ring with the pliers and slip it over the key ring. Close the jump ring carefully.
        h. Jewelry glue. Using a toothpick or the tip of a pin, apply a small piece of jewelry glue to hold the jump ring together so it doesn't come apart accidentally. Also put a small piece of jewelry glue at the joint where the tip of the pin was folded over the jump pin, so that circle won't accidentally open.
        i. Hang the ring up for a day or two so the glue dries well.
  2    This bracelet key ring can be worn around the wrist or carried in a pocket or handbag   


        This is an alternative to wearing a key on a chain around your neck. It is best to use this method to hold a small key ring and a small key.

        a. The easiest way to make a bracelet is to use stretchable jewelry "wire". It is especially useful for bracelets that can slip over the wrist and then come to shape so they won't slip off easily by themselves.
        b. This bracelet is made with alphabet beads to resemble a baby bracelet. It is easy to personalize for a mother or grandmother. Of course any other type of bead could be used, but remember that very large beads can be uncomfortable to wear on your wrist.
        c. Be sure to put the bracelet through the key ring before finishing the bracelet. Otherwise you will have to make a bracelet with a clasp so that you can slip the ring over the clasp and then close the bracelet.
        d. It isn't necessary for this kind of key ring to actually be worn on a wrist. It also works well in a purse or pocket, because the bracelet hoop is easy to find by sight or touch.

 3     Key ring made with beads on a changeable pendant post   


a. The basis for making this key ring is a changeable pendant post. These are essentially intended to make easy pendants but the elongated bead design makes it easy to grasp and works well with a key ring.
b. A changeable pendant post is a thick pin with a fixed metal bead on one end and a screw off metal bead on the other. The screw off bead has a hoop attached to slip over a chain or key ring.
c. Select three to six beads to slip over the middle pin. Arrange them in an order that pleases you. Note that these beads must have larger than average holes through them so they can slip over the pin.
d. When all the beads have been placed, screw the final metal bead on fairly tightly and slip it over the key ring.

4   Unscrew the end of the pendant post in order to change the beads   

One of the best features of this kind of key ring is that you can rearrange the beads and/or change the beads to suit your various outfits or taste.

With the variety of beading supplies available, crafters and hobbyists would best choose carefully and find sellers who offer the greatest value for money in terms of quality and variety of imitation jade acrylic beads  choices to suit any need.

Tips & Warnings

    You can see a larger version of the photos in this article just by clicking on them. Looking at the closer details may help you understand the explanations better.

    I have listed a number of web sites where you can see more examples of the materials discussed in this article.

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