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How to String Glass Beads


    Glass beads are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and styles. One trait that most glass beads have in common is that they are translucent. When you string translucent glass beads, make sure that you select a stringing material that is minimally visible through the beads. There are several techniques you can use to string glass beads, depending on the project. Stringing glass beads to make glass jewelry is different from stringing glass beads to make hanging strands.


Stringing Strand Jewelry

1        Cut a strand of clear monofilament line to string glass beads for a strand of jewelry. Add at least 4 inches to the overall desired length for knotting. Clear, soft monofilament line resembles fishing line, but it knots better for jewelry. Glass beads are often translucent, so make sure to select a clear line to string the jewelry strand.

2       Tie the end of the clear monofilament to the eye of an eye pin using a double overhand knot. Eye pins are jewelry making components with a straight wire on one end and a  closed circle on the other.

3        Insert the open end of monofilament through the hole on a center drilled glass bead. Center drilled beads sit in the middle the jewelry stringing material. You can also design a glass jewelry strand with top drilled, or drop, glass beads. Top drilled beads hang beneath the stringing material.

 4       Slide the bead all the way to the end of the line where it is knotted to the eye pin. Continue to insert the open line through the glass beads and slide the beads to meet the last one added. Leave at least 2 inches of line open at the end. Tie the open end of the line to another eye pin using a double overhand knot.

 5       Cover both knots with jeweler's glue. Fit the wide end of an end cone over one eye pin wire. Slide the end cone to rest against the closed circle. The end cone covers the eye, the knot and the first bead or two.

6         Make an open loop in the eye pin wire with round nose pliers. Slide one part of the clasp over the open loop. Close the loop. Wrap the wire around itself.

7         Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to attach the second part of the clasp to the other eye pin.

Stringing Hanging Strands
 8       Cut a length of clear monofilament line twice as long as the desired hanging strand, plus 2 inches. You can use hanging strands of glass beads to make beaded curtains, mobiles and wind chimes.

 9       Insert one end of the line through the opening of a top drilled glass bead. Slide the glass bead to the center of the clear line. Double the line.

 10    Slide center drilled glass beads over both lines to the top of the top drilled bead. String glass beads over the doubled lines. Leave 2 inches open at the end.

11    Tie the ends around a curtain rod, curtain ring, craft ring or eye hook to complete the hanging strand.

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