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Popular Halloween Light Up Costume and Illuminated Costume Styles For Both Kids & Adults



Brighten the night with a light up costume

This coming Halloween season, shine some light on the holiday with a light up costume. These eye catching illuminated costumes are perfect for any Halloween party or just for a fun get together.

The great thing about light up costumes is that not only are they fun, they are also safe for kids cartoon suit. They are available in sizes that will cover your littlest one all the way up to some sexier costumes for adults. No matter what your costume need may be, you are sure to be able to find a light up costume that will sooth your twinkle craving.

For your little "Toy Story" fan, check out the light up Buzz Lightyear Costume. "Toy Story" costumes are set to be all the rage among little ones this season due to the recent release of "Toy Story 3." Suit your little ranger up in this light up costume and he will be happy to sport his costume all night long without a whimper. This costume features a full-stretch spacesuit with padding and a self-stick fabric closure. Add to the fun with a padded cross-chest wing-pack featuring the Space Ranger insignia and light-up wings activated by hidden switch. Finish the look off with the included pullover hood and gloves with padded gauntlets and you have one cool space ranger.

Do you have a twinkle princess to dress for the holiday?

If so, you should try the Rainbow Ballerina Toddler/Child Costume. This precious ballerina costume is the perfect concoction to fulfill her dreams of ballerinas and "The Wizard of Oz". The costume comes complete with twinkling lights and a tulle tutu with every shade under the rainbow. Also included is a sweet dress that is white with pink jeweled buttons and bright fiber optic twinkle lights underneath her fluffy skirt. She will definitely be the center of attention with this enchanted little number.

Do you have sparkling fantasies of your own?

Then give into the temptation with True Blue Fairy Light-Up Adult Halloween Costume. This costume comes complete with everything you need to feel sexy on Halloween night. The blue fairy dress has a low neckline and an attached tulle light-up skirt. Also included is a matching belt, headband, fairy wings and a wand. Add some sky-high heels and you will be the talk of the party.

Another stunning illuminated costume is the Queen of Heartbreakers light up adult costume. This Sexy costume is sure to turn heads with a heart bodice & short back-lit red kids cartoon swimwear it's sure to make an impression.

No matter which light up costume you go for, one thing is certain; you can leave your flashlight at home because you are sure to light up the night.

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