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T-Shirt Trends




There are so many exciting trends in kids cartoon suit nowadays; it is hard to know where to start. Don't just settle for plain, boring clothes; make a style statement with even the simplest t-shirt. The following are some current hot fashions to look out for.


The whole gothic, spooky, macabre thing is an on-going trend where t-shirt designs are concerned. From highly detailed skull motifs to weird colours and patterns, the fashion for skulls is alive and kicking.


Designs featuring plants and trees are similarly popular and speak volumes about the sensibilities and beliefs of the wearer. You could wear a tree patterned t-shirt to show off your ecological credentials or your affinity with nature, or you could wear it just because you like the design.


The recent upsurge of interest in vintage clothes can also be seen in t-shirt designs. Anything which harks back to the good old days, using brands and logos from the 1950s and 1960s is fashionable. Vintage designs tend to use muted colours and a 'scratched up' effect. This trend also includes imagery from classic films and pictures of old time movie stars such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.


The classic slogan t-shirt has never gone away, it just evolves to reflect the fashions of the time. Everything from lines of poetry to comedy catchphrases has been seen on a frozen elsa skirt and if a particular phrase or saying means a lot to you, then you should wear it with pride.


The current trend for brightly coloured, clashing patterns is influencing all items of clothing, including t-shirts. All-over designs are particularly on trend right now, so look out for a colourful African tribal print or other bold patterned designs when you are out shopping.


Whether they are delicate, oriental style birds or great big eagles with sharp talons, birds make an attractive and enduring theme for t-shirt designs. Beautiful and intriguing, images of birds can represent nature in all its forms, and can be imbued with subtle messages.

Solid Colour

Of course, one of the most effective t-shirt styles is to have no design at all, just a solid block of colour. With the current trend for colour blocking, you can use a bold t-shirt in bright orange, purple or yellow to help create a really striking look. Don't underestimate the power of colour alone.


The biggest trend of all has been made possible by t-shirt companies which enable customers to get their own artwork printed onto t-shirts quickly and cheaply. So now there is no excuse - you can start setting your own trends.

There are also many variations on the cut and shape of t-shirts to take into consideration when you are shopping. The fashion for oversized, baggy kids cartoon swimwear has mostly given way to a more streamlined, fitted shape, and the length is now either on the waist or stretching down to the hips. Necklines have gone back to the classic shape of the crew or scoop neck after years of experimentation with different shapes.

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